CAfH’s mission is to develop and implement innovative community-based solutions to health, nutrition and food security problems afflicting the most vulnerable communities in Uganda while empowering the beneficiaries.

 CAfH’s scope of work include design and implementation of community nutrition, health and livelihood improvement programs. CAfH has extensive experience in community mobilization, client management, capacity building, motivation and supervision of health functionaries, behavior change communication, partnerships and linkages to other programmes, among others. CAfH’s comparative advantages include highly trained and experienced staff, professional, committed and experienced board, in-depth understanding of operations in disaster areas, strong partnerships, excellent record of relating with local leaders, health functionaries and communities, capacity to pragmatically identify and implement complementary activities and has a well-developed governance system, with relevant operational guidelines and policies, including gender policy, anti-fraud policy, financial management, procurement human resource and communication guidelines. CAfH also owns a variety of assets, including field office items and vehicles that can be used to implement interventions.

Values upheld by CAfH include;

  • Inclusiveness: CAfH is committed to equitable treatment regardless of age, gender, religion, beliefs and culture and elimination of discrimination in all its forms at all organizational levels and throughout all her programs. CAfH believes that bringing diverse individuals and partners together allows us to collectively and more effectively address the issues that face vulnerable communities
  • Transparency: CAfH seeks to embody honesty and embrace open communication about the actions it takes, in consistency with her values.
  • Accountability: CAfH is committed to ensuring that the organization and her staff are accountable to the program beneficiaries, partners and other stakeholders. In line with this commitment, CAfH has enacted relevant operational guidelines and policies to which all staff are bound.
  • Responsiveness: CAfH aspires to readily and indiscriminately respond to the needs of vulnerable communities with focus on the quality and standard of service.
  • Empowerment: CAfH aims to design and implement participatory and interactive interventions with the aim of empowering communities to seek solutions to conditions of their daily lives. 



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